Worcester Mobile-Application Firm Launches ETAwiz

Location-Sharing Service for iPhone and Web

New App Shares and Manages “Estimated Time of Arrival” Info for Individuals, Groups and Businesses, Eliminating Need for Calls and Texts while Driving

Company to Celebrate Launch with June 7th Event at The Compass Tavern

Worcester, MA – June 2, 2016 – ETAwiz LLC, a Worcester-based mobile application company, today announced the beta version of its eponymous ETAwiz™ application for the iOS operating system: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/etawiz-whats-your-eta/id1052225211. The first mobile application optimized for sharing and managing arrival times among individuals and groups of all sizes, ETAwiz answers the fundamental question, “What’s Your ETA?,” while bypassing the hassles and dangers of phone calls and texts while driving.

Designed for real life, both at work and play, ETAwiz is a permission-based application that takes the guesswork out of when members of your party will arrive. Leveraging the best in GPS and mapping technologies, the application enables groups of 2 to 2,000 to share and monitor location status quickly and easily by inviting participants to share their ETA, either by downloading the ETAwiz app or by clicking on a web link, and subsequently providing automated location updates for each participant in a seamless, well organized way. (For screenshots, please see www.etawiz.com)

The launch of ETAwiz will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 7th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at The Compass Tavern, located at 90 Harding Street, Worcester, Mass. The event will be hosted by two of the company founders, Kevin Anderson and Michael Aguirre.

Whether for business or pleasure, commercial use or among friends & family, ETAwiz puts event organizers in control of their gatherings, while offering new and better ways to connect with friends and service customers:

1. Business Meetings – Wondering when your best friend, business partner or networking lead will get to the restaurant? Have they even left the office? Share an ETA.

2. Family Parties and Gatherings – Is Grandma still in Maryland? How about Uncle Joe? Get their status without anyone taking their hands off the steering wheel.

3. Social Networks – Out on the town and updating your Facebook page? Request an ETA to see where your friends are and who might join you and when.

4. Enthusiast and Sporting Events – Wondering which of your fellow enthusiasts are at this week’s custom-car rally and when they’ll be there? Coach, it’s almost game time, want to know where your team is?

5. Commercial Delivery and Service – Instead of offering customers a 4-hour window, why not create an ETAwiz session? Sure, 30-minute food delivery is good, but telling your customer their pizza is one minute away – without calls or texts – is even better.

6. Roadside Repair – “We are on the way” is reassuring for stranded motorists, but “the tow truck should arrive in three minutes” provides real relief.

“ETAwiz is a great app for service-oriented businesses,” said Rick Galipeau, President of World Energy Efficiency Services. “Because we are on site at customer locations across New England conducting energy audits and retrofits, coordinating the arrivals of materials and the people to implement them is paramount. I like knowing that my HVAC guy is going to be on site in 5 minutes, and so does my customer.”

With ETAwiz now available in beta for free download at the App Store and as a web app, company founders Kevin Anderson, Michael Aguirre and Joshua Jarvis are readying the application for release on the Android OS later this year. ETAwiz will also be marketed to companies looking to add location-status capabilities to their applications.

“This has been an amazing year for us, readying our first mobile application available for free in the App Store and working closely with beta users to make ETAwiz the go-to app for location status,” said Kevin Anderson, CEO of ETAwiz. “We are confident we’ve found a sweet spot in location-based services that hasn’t been adequately addressed until now, and the positive response we are getting from users, spanning business and personal use, confirms our belief that we have an incredible opportunity ahead of us.”

For a free download of ETAwiz on iOS, click here.

To visit the company’s website, click here.

About ETAwiz, LLC

ETAwiz is a location-sharing app that can be used for sending destination and arrival time to friends, family, colleagues and employees in real time.

For more information, please contact Kevin Anderson by emailing him at kanderson@etawiz.com.